Simple tricks to add volume to your hair

Sexy, bombshell hair will never go out of style, and limp strands are not at all alluring. For those days when you want instant volume without the hassle (and time commitment) of a curling iron, we’ll show you 10 fool-proof ways how to add volume to your hair in minutes.

Simple tricks to add Volume to Your Hair :

Flip your part:

Flipping your part to the opposite side creates instant volume at the crown; if you’re worried about looking lopsided, then do it while your hair is still wet. To build the most height, try a deep side part on the opposite side in dry hair, misting lightly with hairspray to hold.


My preferred technique is to pin up the uppermost layer of the hair and then back-brush the rest, working section by section. Holding each section taut and away from the head, brush in a downward motion at the roots in three quick strokes. To make the volume last, spray each back-brushed area with hairspray. Once you’ve completed all the sections, let down the rest of the hair, leaving it smooth.

Blow dry upside down:

The best shortcut to a voluminous blowout is just flipping your head upside down. The reason this works is that upside down, your roots are automatically lifting off your scalp, which is how you want them to dry. I like to use this method to get my hair about 90 percent dry, and then I might do my final smoothing with a round brush. Note: If you have bangs, always dry them right side up first!

Hot rollers:

Hot rollers are awesome, all you need to do is choose which direction you want your waves. Rolling away from the face gives you glam Hollywood waves, while towards the face creates a more vintage, Veronica Lake effect. To make your volume last, mist each section with hairspray before rolling, and let the rollers cool completely before taking out. Then brush out and shape your waves for a soft, modern look.

Volume budding shampoo:

It’s a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at the difference a good shampoo makes to your volume goals. My rule of thumb is to use products that are clear or at least translucent since they’re the least likely to be loaded with heavy conditioning ingredients. Nothing white and creamy for my hair, please! And yes, it is possible to find a volume-building shampoo that doesn’t strip your hair and is color-safe

Sleep in a bun:

It’s super-useful for this overnight volume cheat—no heat required! After showering at night, pull hair up into a high, loose bun while it’s still damp, and secure with a soft elastic (tight plastic ones may create creases). Your hair will dry lifted off the scalp, so when you wake up and take it down, you’ll have instant-volume, plus soft waves.

Use dry shampoo:

Next great tip on how to add volume to your hair is to use dry shampoo. As soon as the oils in your hair start to appear, they will weigh down your hair and make it look thinner. Instead of waiting until you notice that your hair needs dry shampoo, try putting a bit of dry shampoo on your hair straight after you have tried it. This pre-emptive application of dry shampoo will keep the oil at bay for longer and make that ‘just-washed-bouncy-look’ last a lot longer.

Thin hair is most usually just down to your genes, but it can also be caused by over-styling, rough treatment and your hair can get thinner as you get older, but there are lots of tricks that you can use to make your hair look fuller. Stay beautiful.

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