Reasons for grey hair at an early age

Hair graying is an ultimate and irretrievable reality of life and is often connected with growing old. But how and why precisely does black turn white? When a person grows older, these pigment cells commence to die and the melanin production lessens, making the filament less colorful and more translucent – grey, silver, or white. And that is the reason Grey Hair is linked with age.




But there has been a radical change in these statistics with the growing figure of the younger populace in their 20’s and younger reporting grey hair. This premature greying of hair has been linked to numerous factors. They are as below:

Reasons for gray hair at an early age:

Harmful Addictions :

Some harmful addictions may also ground the whitening of hair at an early age. An unhealthy routine like smoking and consuming alcohol in enough amounts may lead to premature hair whitening.

Sudden Trauma :

One major reason for white hair at the early stage can be a sudden trauma. Emotional shock because of bad news, heartbreak, or an accident can be unsafe for hair health.

Hypothyroidism :

Hypothyroidism may be cause for white hair at an early age. The thyroid hormone influences the overall metabolism. An overactive or a very sluggish thyroid function can lead to depigmentation of hair or may ground white hair at an early age.

Fluid Intake :

Hair certainly needs much fluid for the finest growth. Though, what you gulp and how much you drink also has its blow on the hair. Consuming more of coffee, tea, alcohol, etc. can delay hair growth and root white hair at an early age.

Unbalanced Diet :

An unbalanced diet can add to the early whitening of hair at times. So, it is necessary for every individual to eat a balanced diet that offers nutrition to the mind and body with skin and hair.

Hormonal Imbalances :

Some hormonal imbalances can root white hair at the early stage in a few individuals. Hormonal problems affix to graying of hair or white hair at an untimely age. Some medical conditions caused owing to hormonal imbalances can lead to decreased melanocyte cell pigmentation which may upshoot in white hair.

Vitiligo :

There is one more medical condition known as Vitiligo which can damage hair growth and pigmentation. Vitiligo cans also upshot white hair at an untimely stage. This condition also causes damage to the skin.

Alopecia Areata :

This is one more situation where there is hair loss and even if their new hair grows, they lack pigment and so may appear gray or white. So, white hair at an early age may also be caused because of Alopecia areata.

Anemia :

Anemia is one state that has diverse bad outcomes. One of the ill effects of the situation may be the loss of pigments leading to gray hair at an early stage.

Prolonged Free Radical Damage :

The major reason for white hair at the early stage can be prolonged free radical damage. When the body is in stress, cells produce precise by-products which act close by in order to trounce the traumatic situation.

Chemicals in Some Hair Products :

Some hair products counting shampoos, hair dyes, soap, etc, may openly cause white hair at an untimely age as of the chemicals used in them

Genetic Factor :

The genetic factor can be one of the main factors in determining at what age an individual’s hair loses color. Though most people lose pigment at a later age, there are several people who can lose pigment less than 20 years of age and this may upshoot in white hair at an untimely stage.


First, there is no difficulty in accepting the realism and living with gray hair. It is since gray hairs are not related to any severe medical conditions if you are not happy with the means they look, you can try diverse methods to either get rid of those gray hairs or conceal them under a mask.


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