Top Ten Funny Excuses Women Give For Shopping

Have you ever heard the funny excuses women give for shopping? Everyone loves going for shopping, but women love it the most we hear many Funny Excuses Women Give For Shopping. Women never satisfied with clothes, bags and other things they have, they will all the time discover a way to step out for shopping. Here are some Funny excuses women give for shopping. Have a look at these you will definitely see you somewhere.

Marriage functions or parties are the best reasons for shopping; apart from this, there are loads of other childish explanations that women give to set out for shopping. As to justify their greed towards shopping women can go to any extent. No matter what is the count of total t-shirts, the pair of jeans, shoes, bags or dresses in their cupboard they will never have anything for the coming function or party.

What matters to women is shopping, whether it is a mall, street side shop or stuff from on sale shopping websites women desire to grabble it all. If you ask a woman her purposes to shop, the majority of the time the excuses would be funny. Here are some of the funny excuses women give for shopping:

Funny Excuses Women give for Shopping:

Excuse 1:

I was not in a good mood– One of the favorite excuses of the women is, I did shopping to cheer up my mood as I was not in a good mood.

Excuse 2:

I have nothing to wear– Women often excuse that I have not gone to shopping for a long time. So, I didn’t have any suitable dress according to coming theme party.

Excuse 3:

I am helping the economy– By shopping, I am helping the economy by increasing trade flow as I am a responsible citizen

Excuse 4:

I was getting bored– I was getting bored as all my friends were busy or on holiday, nothing good was coming on TV, I have finished all my works. So there was nothing else to do but shopping.

Excuse 5:

I saved money by shopping in a sale– shopping at sales is a best to save money as price may increase in some time. So shopping during season sale is an investment of money.

Excuse 6:

I wasn’t going for shopping to buy anything for myself, exactly– I went to the market for helping my friend for shopping but there I found this amazing dress and couldn’t control myself to buy it as I don’t want anybody to buy this dress before me.

Excuse 7:

I didn’t have the dress to match with my gifted shoes– I went for shopping to buy the dress which matches my shoes which were gifted to me by my friend on my birthday. As I don’t want that my friend supposes that I didn’t like the gift.

Excuse 8:

I got all stuff to just impress you– This is the best excuse given by the women as the reason behind shopping are you since she was only thinking about you during her shopping binge.

Excuse 9:

This will match with everything– I bought these new sandals because it will match with my every dress.

Excuse 10:

It was a perfect fit dress– It is very hard for me to find the perfect fitted dress so I bought this dress as it was fitting perfectly to me.

After all isn`t it very funny that we give such funny excuses for our shopping? But still we are like this and we love shopping like hell. We love to dress new every time we go out and this makes us look unique from others. If you feel missed something share your views in the comment section with your Funny excuses for shopping.

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