Unknown Amazon Prime Benefits for Women

Although you are an Amazon user you may not know some Amazon Prime benefits. Amazon is providing a bunch of fantastic facilities through its “Amazon Prime,” which could be called the magic lamp of Aladdin for every buyer. It has a variety of lucrative deals that will make your every purchase pleasing. Read the complete article and find the Amazon Prime benefits that are helpful especially for women.

There are plenty of things you must know about amazon prime benefits of its membership. But if you are a user of (USA based) then below are the following facilities you can avail through Amazon prime:

Free one-month membership:

It is providing you free trial package for 30 days. So you can experience the services of Amazon prime through this trial package. And after this trial, you will get Amazon prime membership at the rate of $10.99 per month.

Free shipping policy:

Get your entire product with zero shipping charge in just two days of order placement. Also if you belong to selected metro cities, then you can experience the service of same day delivery and even delivery in an hour by just paying $7.99.

Prime videos:

Exclusive video streaming available for user free in HD, Ultra HD & HDR qualities, in unlimited numbers.

Prime early access:

Amazon prime provides rapid access to 30 minutes to new arrivals, and numerous discounts and offers so that you are never behind in the race of shopping.

Exclusive discount:

If you choose to be a member for a year in Amazon prime then you pay just $99 for a year (i.e., $8.25 per month), which means savings of 25%.

Amazon dash:

Enjoy the first Amazon dash at just $4.99 each. The designing included is for products of daily need. The dash button of Amazon has Wi-Fi connection within it so you can re-order your essential product pressing button, each time before it finishes.

Amazon prime pantry:


It is a box full of products which you can get in just $5.99. It includes a whole box of grocery, beverages, household products, etc.

Outfit compare:

If you can’t decide which one suits you the most among outfits then amazon mobile app is here to rescue as a true friend when you are a prime member. You can upload your picture for free, wearing the purchased outfit.

Free sample boxes:

Amazon prime gives you the opportunity to get free products. You just need to pay within $5 to $15 initially and get showered with free samples from Amazon.

Amazon Households:


With this, you can share benefits with your family members. It can contain up to 10 members sub-divided into the following age categories:

  • Two adults above 18 years age along with their Amazon account.
  • Up to four teens between the age of 13 to 17 years ( of with their parents will receive notification).
  • Up to four children on and under 12 years of age.

Don`t get upset even if are staying in India there are few amazon prime benefits for you too. If you are a user of Amazon.In (India based) then here are the following facilities you can avail through Amazon prime, have a look at it.

Free fast delivery:

With prime, every delivery will be quick & free. Enjoy unlimited free delivery within one day and two days from the time of placing the order.

More savings:

Now shop more to save more with pocket-friendly prime. Get Rs 50 off on every purchase above Rs 599.

Unlimited video streaming:

Amazon prime is also aware of your visual treat. Hence providing you access to numerous videos of movies, series, shows.

Early deals:

Get information about every agreement before others with Amazon prime membership. Thus never need to go out of stock for your required product.

I know you can`t wait to take an Amazon Prime membership after knowing the benefits of using Amazon prime. So don’t miss all these above benefits of Amazon Prime. Hurry up and get your membership now. Because you never know what you lack until you get it.


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