Procedure of Shoulder Joint Replacement

What is the Procedure of Shoulder Joint Replacement?

Shoulder Joint Replacement surgery has been very common in today’s time. Your shoulder is a combination of primarily three parts – Your upper arm bone, your shoulder and your collarbone which is a ball and socket joint. According to shoulder joint replacement treatment, the doctor replaces the damaged shoulder bone or arm bone of the patient with the new artificial metal or plastic parts.

When a patient is suffering from severe shoulder pain that is caused by either accident or weakening of the shoulder muscles. After the thorough examination of the patient, the doctors recommend should joint replacement surgery for the well-being of the patient.

The procedure of Shoulder Joint Replacement

There are commonly two procedures for carrying out shoulder joint replacement surgery. One is the conventional method whereas the damaged upper arms bone or shoulder bone is replaced by the new man-made artificial metal components. However, the broken shoulder joints can be adjusted by using special kind of cement which helps the patient also for the growth of new shoulder bone.

In place of the traditional method of shoulder joint replacement surgery, the surgeons prefer for Reverse Shoulder Replacement surgery to the patients who have chronic arthritis. Under this surgery, the doctors take out the damaged part of the bone and soften the damaged part from the ends and attach that part with the shoulder bone. They also use cup-shaped part for the upper arm bone replacement.

The reverse shoulder replacement treatment is the advanced stage of the surgery. The patient is first pain relief medicines and X-ray is recommended to identify the actual cause of shoulder pain or weakness in the muscles which tends to sleepless nights and anxiety to the patient.

Non-surgical treatment is primarily adopted by the doctors like medication, injections, and physiotherapy. At last, the total should joint replacement surgery or reverse shoulder replacement surgery is finally carried out as per the condition of the patient.

The two types of anaesthesia are used for patient’s joint replacement treatment – General Anaesthesia and Regional Anaesthesia. The choice of anaesthesia depends on the clinical condition of the patient and his age, health, and others.

The patient can be discharged within one or two days depending on his/her condition. He may start some hand movements after one day. The doctors usually recommend breathing exercises to remove lung congestion. It is important for the patient to have rest at home for around 2 to 3 months and some simple exercises may be done at home for strengthening the shoulder muscle under the supervision of the doctor.

However, physiotherapy is also recommended by the doctors to help you out from recovering at the earliest. The patient should not indulge in any kind of muscular physical activity which may impact his/shoulder severely. He should take the complete rest for the better and quicker healing of the shoulder muscles.

Thus, shoulder joint replacement surgery and reverse shoulder replacement surgery have widely got recognition for their successful execution by the specialized and experienced doctors for relieving the patients from pain and damaged shoulder and arm bones.


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