Parineeti Chopra`s Secret Workouts And Weight Loss Diet Plan Revealed

We all are appreciating the fitter and sexier side of Parineeti Chopra these days. She has lost loads of weight recently and is appearing hotter than ever. Prior to joining Bollywood, she weighed approximately 86kgs. Contrasting other actresses, she explicitly admits to being overweight and talks regarding her weight issues to the media. Parineeti Chopra was referred as saying that she used to wear size 38. But currently fitting into jeans of size 30 is a big success for her. She admits that one of the biggest problems she faced when she was overweight was dressing up. The reason for writing this article is to carve up her weight loss journey and to inspire all of you to hold a healthier lifestyle.


Parineeti Chopra`s strict diet plan

Parineeti was on a stringent diet chart for six months. This diet plan controlled her from consuming sugary, high-fat and high-carb, foods. She admits that throughout her weight loss period, she clogged eating subsequent to 8 pm in the night, ate well, and partial portions. She started out by steadily changing her lifestyle.

For the initial two weeks, she ate light meals prior to moving on to a stricter diet chart. But, she did not discontinue herself from in taking a small piece of cake if she desired for it. She also made certain that she burned the added calories by working out the subsequent day. For those who crave to discern precisely what she ate, below is Parineeti’s sample weight loss chart.

  • In Breakfast: One glass of milk, two eggs- white portion only, brown bread with butter or juice sometimes.
  • In Lunch: Dal and roti, green salad, brown rice, and green leafy vegetables.
  • In Dinner: plain food with less oil, one glass of milk and at times a chocolate shake.

She also makes convinced that she eats her dinner at least two hours prior to going to bed. This simple diet plan was her stepping stone but what speed up her weight loss was her exercise schedule. The next section will help you to know what her workout routine was like.

Parineeti Chopra’s Workout chart

She hated working out however exercise became her best friend when she set out to attain her weight loss goal. Her workout schedule turns around running on the treadmill, swimming, horse riding. She also started taking dance classes, which not only assisted her in improving her dancing ability but also in losing weight.  Appropriate diet and exercise do prove results, but you also have to guide your mind to stay focused. Here is what Parineeti did to attain her goals.

Set up Your Mind

Don’t do it just as everybody is doing it! Your weight loss goals should not be determined by someone else. When you are prepared to lose weight, tell yourself why you crave to do it. That way you will guide your mind to pursue a healthy lifestyle in order to attain your weight loss goals.


Set your aim

If you are serious about losing weight, mark your goal down and offer yourself a deadline. Such as, you want to lose 1-2 kilos per month and desire to lose 10 kgs in 6 months. When you inscribe your goals down with definite numbers, you will be bound to work towards it.


Take Action

Now that you recognize what your weight loss goal is, it is time to take several actions. Get yourself joined in a gym. If you don’t akin to hit the gym, begin playing a sport or go to a dance class.


Construct Social Support

Once you begin working out and eating well, there will be some people who will depress you from enduring your healthy lifestyle. It is usual, don’t hate them for that. Just initiate meeting new people who pursue a healthy lifestyle.


Stay committed

Staying dedicated and focused is the key to losing weight. And the easiest way of being on the path is to have a cheat day. Once every week, eat 500 calories more than what you would eat on other days. You can have your desired dessert, potato wafers or fast food. Just do not exceed it. Moreover, burn the extra calories the subsequently by working out. This manner, you will not have the unexpected urge to defile on unhealthy foods too often.

Losing weight is never simple and the desired results are hard to attain. Weight-loss is a calculated science of a blend of balanced diet and sufficient physical activity. Not only Parineeti accomplishes her fitness goals but asserts fitness to be a continuing journey flawlessly engaged in her lifestyle.

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