GM Diet Plan: To Lose Weight In 7 Days – Most Effective Diet Plan To Reduce Weight In A Week

GM Diet Plan is a very effective diet plan to lose weight without any side effects. This is a very healthy way to lose weight. In this plan, we will just include law calories fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs, fish, mushrooms, fats & oils etc. But below we see a complete vegetarian GM Diet Plan to lose weight in just 7 Days.


This diet plan keeps the body in the detoxification process, since it contains fruits, vegetables, milk, soup and 6-8 glasses of water daily, there will be an expeditious fat loss in it. This detoxification cleanses and keeps body fit after seven days, after completion of detoxification process you no longer face diseases in the body. It also reduces serum cholesterol levels.

This diet plan is not having a limitation as other plans, it includes the Indian and Vegetarian category. In this plan mostly fruits, vegetables and water are consumed, so it helps in quick digestion and loses weight quickly since it won’t keep unwanted food.

Day by Day Meal Chart using GM Diet Plan:

Note: Every day you need to drink 6-8 glasses of water for more good results with this GM Diet Plan.

Day One – Fruit day:

Eat fruits (Oranges, Papaya, Kiwi, Apples, Watermelon, Cantaloupe) as much as you can, there will be no limit. Don’t include Banana fruit, better eat Watermelon and cantaloupe it will help in weight loss if you eat only melons you can lose 3lbs on day-1.


Day Two – Veggie day:

Eat Vegetables (either raw or cooked without oil), but there will be the limit. Eat baked potato for breakfast with a light butter if you want, since it is rich in carbohydrates it will provide energy all the day. Vegetables are rich in nutrients, fiber and calorie free.


Day Three – Fruit and Vegetable day:

Eat Vegetables and Fruits as much as you can, leaving potatoes and bananas in diet, at this stage body starts burning excessive weight.


Day Four – Banana day:

Today you can have 8-10 bananas, 4 glasses of milk and soup in diet, bananas will help in gaining pectin, potassium, low sodium and vitamin-D which lost in previous three days, milk increases calcium, and you can drink soup as much as you can.


Day Five – Protein day:

Eat Red Meat or brown rice and Tomatoes, You can intake six tomatoes and two portions of 10oz meat or one cup of brown rice, Eat all vegetables and meat is up to you. Today increase the intake of water by one-quarter, it will help to cleanse the uric acid produced by red meat, meat provides iron and protein, tomatoes provides fiber and helps in healthy digestion.


Day Six:

Eat Red Meat or brown rice again and different vegetables of your choice, instead of tomatoes. You can eat as much as you can, by this day body losses most unwanted weight with a noticeable difference from the day one.


Day Seven:

Eat one cup of Brown rice, all fruit juice, and unlimited vegetables.
After following the seven-day diet plan, you should have cleaned the system and weight loss about 10-17lbs, comparing to day one.


Beverages Allowed:

Water is the best beverage in the weight loss plan; you can also have black coffee, black tea, and club soda.

If you have excess weight then repeat the seven-day GM Diet Plan till you lose your excess weight with a week gap, it can be performed as many times as you can. Meanwhile, you should do at least ten-minute exercise every day, it will stabilize the change in the diet plan, with regular exercise you can keep your body fit and reduce weight in the body.

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