Best Ideas for Decorating the House this Diwali 2017

Light Up Your Diwali With Your Innovation.  It is almost like the homes get a facelift and the joy of celebrations near and dear ones celebrate to the fullest. If you are one of those people who want to stand out this Diwali and make your house look stunning, following are a list of “Innovative Decoration ideas for Diwali” that should make the cut and do justice to the joy.


Diwali Is the festival of lights. It is the most celebrated festival in the country. It brings people together from all over the country. People flock the market in search of crackers, new clothes, and decorations that will change the look of their house. Everybody dresses up and tries to look their best.

Floating lamps:



Lamps are the core essence of Diwali. It is the festival of lights because diyas light up home and has been doing so for ages now. What has become very common are various shapes and sizes of them. Floating lamps take it a step further. Light the lamps and set them on a tub full of water and leave them in the middle of the floor. It fulfills the missing aesthetic feel of the room and gives it a mesmerizing look.



Lighting diyas is very mainstream. You can light up your house by setting up lampshades by hanging them from the ceiling. You can even make them by cutting out shapes from cardboard pieces and fixing a bulb.

Flower Rangoli:


Another patent thing about Diwali is elaborate rangolis. To stand out, merely use flower petals instead of amorphous color. A Rangoli featuring flowers does not only stand out but looks incredibly attractive and is also very easy to clean. It even adds to the aroma of the house making the house look beautiful.

Fairy lights:


Although it sounds pronounced, nothing can replace the feels and looks of fairy lights. They can make any room seem inviting within seconds. You can take it up a notch by cutting small paper cups and attaching them to it. That makes it look like wall decoration that glows. It is something that is bound to attract the sight of any person and win you appreciations.

Wall hangings:


Festival of lights does not mean you cannot get creative around the house. Besides dazzling up the house with lights, you can decorate the walls which often look empty and bare. Use wall hangings you might have bought or merely make one on your own using old CDs, magazines, sea shells old and rejected bulbs and some fairy lights.



No matter what we decide, use of candles in inevitable during Diwali. It is most readily available as well as cheap. What can be done is instead of setting up plain white candles; you can buy decorated ones or merely paint over or tie ribbons to the existing ones to make them look attractive. You can also buy scented candles of various kinds. The ones with the fruity and chocolate smell just add a new dimension to impressive décor.

Chocolate bouquets:


Wrap chocolate boxes with ribbons and display them as bouquets. It looks beautiful and inviting. Setting them up on the tea table prevents the sitting area from looking empty; give it an elegant look and acts as treats for when people come to visit.



The use of toran is widespread and very common. It is considered auspicious and a welcome to the guests entering the house. Instead of buying them from the market, what you can do is make them at home, from crepe paper or magazine cutouts, decorate them with flowers and lights if you want and hang them on the door.

Candle holders:


Make ordinary candles look beautiful by setting them on candle holders. Make them using cardboard cutouts, good bowls or even rejected food tins and containers. They not only add to the décor but also save you the trouble of scraping the wax off the floor!

Decorating the house during Diwali is a big ordeal which ideally should be no longer a problem with these cheap but ideally beautiful Diwali decoration hacks 2017. Make sure that the flammable objects do not be near, and the aroma in the room is a pleasant one.

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