6 Must Have Summer Essentials For Every Girl To Keep Them Fresh All The Time

Don’t you just adore the heat, the tan, the energizing breeze of summer, flowing through your long wavy hair, feeling the sweaty skin cool, and not to overlook the freedom to flaunt your ideal beauty with every stylish item you have in your summer wardrobe? We all adore it anyways! However, girls, it is time to set some ground rules now! Yes, the summer is now! And so are we, to give you several amazing ideas regarding what’s in this season, what you MUST-HAVE in your wardrobe to complete it




As we all know these are palpable but that’s why the title is essentials! While Target glasses can get you very far and their styles are totally adorable, there’s something concerning a quality pair of glasses. Invest in a pair of vibrantly colored sunglasses to save your eyes from the heat. An excellent pair of aviators works great with all your summer clothing.



This essential goes exclusively of saying. And as our mothers and the medical world have so obstinately told us – make certain to wear & reapply that sunscreen. A moisturizing lotion with sun protection requests to top your list of summer skin care essentials. Be sure to get your hands on products that keep your skin hydrated throughout the summer and also protects you from the insensitive sun.

Hair products and summer hat:


While we totally love the summer months, our hair might not have the equivalent opinion. The warmth + salt water + chlorine + dampness = a total mess. It’s creepy to even type that out. Also, save yourself from the cruel summer rays with a pretty summer hat. The bigger it will be, the better it looks. Plus they seem super fashionable too. So you can protect yourself without indulgence on your fashion.

Lip balm and scarf:


While a sunscreen guards your skin against tanning, make certain you give your lips the requisite TLC too. A fruity flavored lip balm will put in the ideal hint of pink to your pout.  Append a printed or color blocked scarf to your essentials list as it can dual up as a sun guard too.

Face mist and water:


Keep a bottle of face mist handy to offer your skin a speedy picks me up. A part of rose water makes for a great DIY face mist. Remember that eight glasses of water are a must throughout summer. Spend in a funky bottle, put in a dash of lemon and drink up.

Flip flops: 


Funky colorful flip flops are the new heels this season. They are super attractive, plus they also permit your feet to breathe. Forget their links with childhood trips to the seaside – flip flops have become the alternative for stylish feet. Whether you opt for traditional rubber thongs or slides with cork or leather soles and beaded uppers, the flip-flop will maintain your feet feeling and appearing, cool.

Each of our summertime pursuits need something dissimilar of our wardrobes, however, let’s not overlooks how sweltering July and August can be. Lightweight, chilly and loose enough to grasp the breeze, the ideal summer dress should be in linen or cotton, elongated enough to cover legs from the sun, and for those with good legs, rip up the side to show off tanned calves. Your summer closet needs to exploit the flexibility and reduce perspiration.

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