6 Mistakes You Should Never Make While Wearing A Saree

Are you getting ready for that big gathering and plan wearing a saree? Are you confident you’re doing it the exact way? A Saree is an outfit that makes you appears sexy and stunning in the most traditional way. At the same time, it gives you the option to flaunt your curves. There are diverse things that you need to take care of in order to appear best in saree which is recognized to be attractive Indian attire. If you do not wear it correctly, the entire essence of dressing up in a saree may get spoiled. Most of the times, women learn to craft fashion mistakes they don’t even realize are ‘mistakes’. Here we’re going to reveal the mistakes you should never make while wearing a saree.


High or Low

Identify where your waist is – it’s right there, across that belly button! several people have no idea where to put in those pleats and wear the saree too high like it’s nearly on their chest or too low that we guess it to drop down any moment. You may be excited to show-off that washboard abs or not, but tuck in the saree at the waist and it is definite that you will look excellent, irrespective of your body shape.

wearing-a saree-low-or-high

Too Tight or Too Loose a Blouse

Misfit blouses frequently spell the fate of your saree style, forever! If it’s hard to breathe while wearing it or if it is showing off your bra straps, don’t wear it! Various styles suit toned bodies alone, so if you are not too certain about that, keep away from the fragile fits. Have your tailor join a bra strap holder to your blouse. The blouse is essential to your whole look though wearing a saree. So, make certain it’s the accurate fit and compliments your figure.


Flared Petticoats

Of course, we have observed the Bollywood divas display it with such simplicity and faultlessness, and we have been tempted. But, if you are not used to wearing a saree or are short in height then please don’t attempt it. Flared petticoats can make it harder for you to handle the saree unless you have fine practice. It can also append to your figure and make you look shorter than you really are!


A lot of Helpful Pins

Wearing a saree is rather the challenge, as it is one long piece of clothing held jointly by practice draping and for a few of us, a lot of luck. It’s quite comprehensible when you use a whole packet of safety pins to grasp it all together. But make sure these don’t come cresting out while you are in the public. Even superstars are victims to this awkward guest appearance put in by the minute pin.


Wearing incorrect shoes

Never wear informal platform heels or wedges with a saree. Moreover, the flats and slippers should be avoided as they ruin the overall look. However, high heels and stilettos go very well with this beautiful Indian attire, as they craft you look slimmer and taller.


Experimenting the fashion

There are diverse styles to drape a saree that you might be enticed to try on yourself. But, if you do not discern how to drape it in any meticulous manner, then it is better not to give it an attempt. If you actually want to be experimental, then you may take assistance from someone who is skilled in the art of draping a saree in diverse ways.


Pointless to say, a properly draped saree makes every woman look very stunning and elegant. Now that you are aware of the dos and don’ts of wearing a saree, make certain that you pursue these every time you wear it, so as to craft every head revolve towards you.

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