6 Harmful/Unhealthly Weight Loss Shortcuts You Never Knew

When it comes to losing weight, you’ve got an entire lot of plans to decide from. Some are smart but some, not so much. And knowing how to choose the right trick can not only mean the disparity between weight loss and weight gain—but it could entirely make or break your health. So we’ve rounded up six of the craziest, most ill-advised weight-loss tricks out there right now. keep away from them at any cost. 
Harmful Weight loss Shortcuts

By doing all these for loosing weight it rather becomes a dieting error. Slowly and steadily their metabolism goes down due to lack of biological response, hence making them feel more hungry. Most of them would prefer short cuts to loose weight which is not at all advised. Here we have listed those Harmful Weight loss Shortcuts you never knew.

Miracle slimming creams or gels

Miracle slimming creams or gels for weightloss is harmful
These simple to pertain, broadly popular and at times cheap creams and gels are becoming a pre-bridal event for a huge number of girls. though every time they get onto the weighing scale they are still the ‘same’. The reason is that these wonder products, which assure to be their ticket to glamor, are one of the deadliest weight-loss methods. And, we would say the victims especially are those who don’t desire to make an attempt. The gel or the lotions are supposed to wash the fats away by breaking down cellulite. But, only the application of creams alone doesn’t work. The application combined with exercise and proper diet may augment your chances of having that firm belly, but merely slathering on lotions, and expecting an amazing change is doubtful.

Mono or isolated diets

Mono or isolated diets for weightloss is harmful
The mono diets or isolated diets, on to that girl to cut weight fast, give remarkable results for a short span of time. But, these diets are very damaging. The standard meal one takes involves numerous components and so nutrients. To keep energy levels elevated and the body functioning correctly, the body desires carbohydrates, proteins, and fats in accurate proportions. while in mono diet, not all essential nutrients are given to the body and it rather becomes a dieting mistake. Slowly and steadily their metabolism goes down and owing to  lack of biological response, thus making them feel more hungry.

Fat burning capsules or slimming pills

Fat burning capsules or slimming pills for weightloss is harmful
For all those would-be brides who desires of gulping down the problem-solving slimming capsules or those green tea pills to burn fats, here is a warning. These pills are one of the deadliest diet trends that are outbreaking millions of girls all over the world. They not only pretense risk to the body with odd symptoms, but are also ineffective at their weight-loss claims. As per most dieticians and experts, these ‘fast and simple ways’ to alter the body are in reality a farce.

Green tea overdose

Green tea overdose for weightloss is harmful
We all know that green tea is well-known for its disease-curing properties and in recent times, this power-drink has been a hit among the youth to pull off that lively figure. But, there is a darker side to it that we would like to disclose. No doubt, it is therapeutic, but for those who are responsive to caffeine or who eat it in excess, here are symptoms to watch out for: agitation, upset abdomen and sleeping disorders. Being a great antioxidant, it assists burn fat and even has anti-ageing properties. Though, gulping down cups and cups of any type of tea might end up in nutritional overdo.

Massagers or sauna belts

Massagers or sauna belts for weightloss is harmful
Magical workout equipment like heated pads and ab slimmers hum cool but they can twist a bride’s striking day into a nightmare. Like most rapid fix methods, this one too is not enduring and has its pessimistic effects to beware of. These fat burning machines aim definite areas and you end up with more lumps around that body part. They work on the code of dehydrating a particular area throughout perspiration and you instantly lose some inches but once you rehydrate, the size comes back.

Starving yourself

Starving yourself for weightloss is harmful
You’ve developed a muffin top and your favorite pair of jeans won’t fit anymore. To make up for your gastronomical transgressions, you decide it will be a good idea to not eat at all, Unfortunately, rather than helping you lose weight more quickly, ruthlessly limiting calories from your diet actually prevents your body from burning unwanted fat stores effectively. One reason for this is as when you discontinue eating, your body goes into starvation manner –i.e. a mechanism your body accepts as a defense next to famine. This could result in a loss of muscle, which in turn lowers your metabolic rate.Weight loss generally, slows down when this occurs.

Being slim and graceful is always an excellent feeling, especially if it is your big day. But, a hideous fixation with gadgets and hopeless methods is something to beware of. Go by these guidelines so that you put your foot down to the diverse scams in the type of gizmos, creams, and medicines, which if used terribly and without consultation, can lead you to a range of health and skin issues.

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